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April 9, 2008 : A 5 Mearth Super-Earth orbiting GJ436 ? The power of near-grazing transit

Article : Ribas, Font-Ribera, Beaulieu, 2008 ApJ

CSIC Press Release (Spanish), UCL Press release (English)

Animations WMV,

Update : HARPS radial velocity data shown at the Boston transit conference (May 2008) seem to indicate that the putative 5 Mearth planet is not there (might have been mistaken for stellar activity). However, all the perturbative analysis done is still valid, meanning that the perturber responsible for the excentricity might be of smaller mass and yet to be directly detected. Stay tuned.

February 2008 : A scaled down of three bodies of our solar system (Sun, Jupiter, Saturn) at scale 1/2 !

July 2007, water vapor in the transiting extrasolar planet HD189733b :

 websites : Nature, ESA, SPITZER

Animation : mpeg2. This movie (computed with povray) shows the transit at 3.6, 5.8 and 8 μm.